"If I can, I should. It's my duty."


Usually with a bright personality, she tends to be quite naive and will try to befriend anyone. Inspired by a story book, Natsume always had a fairy-tale like dream as a child. She wanted to help the needed, at least the ones within her reach. Such ideal still holds within her. Very optimistic about things, she will always try her best to cheer up her friends. She loves books and is quite the glutton.

Story background

She is a main character on Reversed. The last known member of a once wealthy family, and also their successor. Unaware that the Hayame family is actually an ancient magician family, she has her life on the line, targeted by those who want to put an end on the magic bloodline. She is absolutely fascinated by books, always having at least one with her. In an era where physical books are quickly being replaced by digital ones, she owns a big library inside her house, as she works to save every book she finds.


  • ✓ Books
  • ✓ Birds
  • ✓ Helping
  • ✓ Food
  • ✓ Nature


  • ✗ Darkness
  • ✗ Some bugs
  • ✗ Wake up early
  • ✗ Unnecessary rules
  • ✗ Maths


  • ❖ Her magic is based on barriers
  • ❖ She can talk with books and birds
  • ❖ She has an odd marking on her back
  • ❖ She tends to bottle up her feelings
  • ❖ She is a transgender girl