The story

Welcome to Eifron!

This world is home to many diverse cultures, but also is haunted by a threat called devils, and there's little information about where they come from. Tired of losing their lives and territory to these creatures, a group called Sigma was created to fight the monsters and keep their numbers down.

In this chaotic world, Natsume Hayame finds herself looking for answers after a number of unfortunate events that took away her peaceful life. Together with her partner Michiru, the two of them travel around in order to find the things each of them look for, Michiru seeks their lost sibling, and Natsume looks to learn more about her own ancestors, the Hayame magicians, and how they might relate with the existence of devils in this world.

Reversed is a webcomic that favors LGBTQ+ themes within the characters, and might include some content warnings such as:

  • Violence
  • Death
  • Depression and related themes
  • Swearing
  • Mild sexual content (not explicit)

This comic is diverse in character's gender identities and sexualities, please be respectful.

Reversed is a work of fiction. It's not meant to represent any kind of real life event or episode in history, any resemblance is mere coincidence.

By browsing this website you agree you're okay with all the warnings above. Having said that, hope you enjoy my comic!